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We long for leisure in our lives. We want to be at ease with everything we do and love every day of work. What is the one thing that makes you happy? Is it online working?

Due to the advent of technology, we have been gifted with the opportunity of working from home. This is the kind of work that provides us leisure. This is the kind of work that makes us comfortable with our lifestyle. But how do we find what we are looking for with all these wonderful opportunities available? HowAbout Us do we make the choice?

I am Emanuel and I shall be your guide in working from home. I have previously been associated with many online working firms which allow work from home. I have to admit that I have been scammed many times. Since you’re working online without actually meeting your employer, it is hard to know whether they are legitimate or not. Trying my luck at different online firms made me lose some money but I learned from my mistakes. To date, I am only working with online firms which I have tested to pay off for my work. And that is what I am here to bring to you.

My website is all about providing a platform for online jobs. I only provide information about companies with whom I have worked with. I understand how difficult it might be for you to find online legitimate companies. I have been through this phase and am here to help you. With my information and guarantee of online firms, you will be able to earn by staying home in no time. Working from home will become your hobby and profession at the same time. Enjoy the opportunity of working from home with the best online firms I have brought just for you.



Founder of How to Start Making Money from Home

email: emanuel@howtostartmakingmoneyfromhome.com

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Linda

    HI, Emanuel.
    Great site!
    Finally a place where you can find reliable companies to work with, at one page!

    Live, Laugh, Love
    Linda 🙂


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