How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs


If you’re wondering how to make money with affiliate marketing programs, you have come to the right place. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a decent passive income online, without having to work too hard for it.  Essentially, when you are an affiliate, you sell products and services belonging to other businesses on your website, blog, social media page or YouTube channel for a fixed commission.


So how much money can you make from affiliate marketing? Quite a lot – there are affiliate marketers who are known to make in the neighborhood of $1-3 million a year. A majority of the affiliates around the world make $10,000 a year or less. It may not be much, but when you consider the fact that for most people being an affiliate marketer is a part-time job, this serves as a very good extra income.


How does one make money with affiliate marketing programs? You got to have a website first, one that gets reasonable traffic. You need to create a rapport with your readers and build credibility for yourself.


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For example, if you are a homemaker, you can create quite a following by blogging about home appliances and kitchen products,How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs as you will have had years of personal experience with them. Once you establish yourself as some sort of an authority on this, the next step is to join an affiliate program and market these products and earn a nice commission on every sale.


If you haven’t got a website as yet, it’s time to get started right away. It doesn’t take much to have your own website. In fact, all things considered, such as WordPress, cost of web design, hosting charges and cost of the domain name, you can have a professional looking website of your own with an investment of just around $200 to 500, (but, you can have all of this for free if you join the Wealthy Affiliate program).


This will start paying itself off very quickly and will be a source of a decent income for you. What’s important is to zero down on a niche to specialize in and build your authority on it. Also, determine who is your target reader – a homemaker, a student, a professional, a retired person – your content should be based on what your target reader likes, not necessarily what you like.


Now, it’s time to join an affiliate program. Some of the popular affiliate programs out there are ClickBank, Amazon Affiliate Programs, Shareasale, Linkconnector,E-Junkie, PayDotCom, Shopify, CJ Affiliate, amongst many. Each of these programs has pros and cons. Amazon Affiliates Programs are very popular, but offer a low commission of just around 4-8%. ClickBank is better, offers excellent commissions of up to 75%, but you can only sell information products on it.


So, which one to select to start off with? We recommend selling information products on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing ProgramsClickBank, as you can earn around $50 on each sale. As you pick up experience and as your website picks up more traffic, move on to the other affiliate programs. On selecting an affiliate, you will be given a link, called the “affiliate link”;  just post it on your website or blog and use a link shortener if required.


Next, and the most important thing you should know as an affiliate marketer, which product should you sell? Well, don’t sell products that are in high demand – known as “High Gravity” products – as there is going to be a lot of competition over them. Similarly, don’t sell products that have no demand – “Low Gravity” products – as nobody would buy them. Pick up products that are somewhere in between – that have reasonable demand, but there’s not much competition over them – “Medium Gravity”.


Marketing is critical to your success as an affiliate marketer. Don’t hesitate to use the power of pay-per-click advertising to market the products. Treat every product that you sell as an affiliate as though they belong to you. Take a personal interest in them, show some passion. This is what your readers look for. But don’t come across as too salesmanlike or desperate to sell. Inform, educate and entertain, and subtly lead your readers to buy the products with a terrific call-to-action.


How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs


With luck, and by following the affiliate marketing tips given here, you will surely be able to make a decent passive income from affiliate marketing. Just don’t stop learning, and never quit, even if you find success hard to come in the beginning.




I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Founder of How to Start Making Money From Home



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6 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs

  1. Lynne

    Hi Emanuel
    Thanks for a great post, I have some questions 🙂
    How have you found Clickbank? I have heard some positive things and some negative so it would be great to get your personal experience on them.
    How does Shopify work with affiliates? Have you used them before?
    Which affiliate programs did you find terrible and would advise I avoid?
    I am interested because I will be monetizing my blogs soon.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing online business opportunity!

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Lynne, I´m glad to know that you liked my aticle.

      I found clickbank through some blog on the internet.

      After some research I saw that clickbank was a good platform to start promoting some products.
      It is a free platform and has a profit margin up to 75%.

      They have a wide variety of products, but I advise you, to only promote products related to your niche.
      So far I had no problems with Clickbank, on the contrary.

      Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere. If you are a seller, with Shopify, you can create an online store or add ecommerce to an existing site.

      They also offer an affiliate program for anyone who wants to promote this product.
      They also have good commissions.

      I personally never had problems with affiliate programs, the only problem is choosing which ideal company to work among so many. Usually I work with who offers the best commission.

      If you tell me which one it is your niche, I will be happy to advise you some.( If your niche is something related with making money, or starting a business online in a legit way, here´s my #1 recommendation)

      i hope i answer all your questions.

      I really appreciate your comment.

      Best regards,

  2. Melody

    Fabulous! Thanks for the in depth overview of affiliate marketing. Many of us don’t realize that we can make money simply by sharing our passions with others. Quite often people turn to the internet to see what others are saying before purchasing an item. Perhaps they don’t even know what to purchase. I certainly did my homework and read several blogs before joining Wealthy Affiliate and now I’m glad I did.

    Great explanation of affiliating marketing! It will be helpful to whoever reads it.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Melody, I´m glad that you liked my article.

      I am glad to know that you also decided to join the wealthy affiliate community.

      No doubt you’ve made the best possible choice.

      Before I joined wealthy affiliate, I researched a lot on the internet about this free community about giving help to each others, on how to start an online business from scratch.

      And I can say it loudly that was my best choice to teach me how to develop my own business from home.

      I started with the free version to see if it was really what I wanted.

      After experimenting, I decided to upgrade because it was exactly what I wanted

      I really appreciate your comment Melody.

  3. Lee

    Hi Emanuel, this is a very informative and well laid out information piece.
    Thanks for reminding us that we need to treat every affiliate product as if it belongs to us. It is easy to forget this and you are right about being passionate about the product will generate more sales.


    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Lee, I´m glad that you enjoyed my post about How to make money with Affiliate Marketing Programs.

      That’s right Lee, you will have more success if you show some passion in the products you are promoting.

      Treat them as if they were your products.

      You will see that your conversion rate will increase substantially.

      Thanks for your comment.


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