The BlueHost Web Hosting Review

The BlueHost Web Hosting Review

The BlueHost Web Hosting Review


If you’re looking to set up a website, more likely than not, you will want to use WordPress as your CMS (content management system). In that case, you should look for a WordPress Hosting provider, and there is none better than BlueHost. BlueHost makes installing WordPress for your website or blog as easy as you like with one-click installation. It has a low startup cost and offers several other advantages as well. We discuss this and a lot more in this BlueHost Web Hosting Review. Let’s begin with a brief overview of the BlueHost plans.


BlueHost Plans


BlueHost offers the most affordable and flexible hosting plans that start at a mere $3.95 per month – if you have just one website. If you’re hosting multiple websites, you should go for the Plus plan which costs $5.45 per month, but offers unlimited hosting. Then there is the Business Pro, which is a high-end plan from the company. It comes with an HTTPS package, as well as a dedicated IP and SSL certificate. BlueHost also offers goodies such as AdWords credits and more along with the Plus and Business Pro plans. You can pay for BlueHost plans by PayPal or by credit card.


Unlimited Hosting Resources


BlueHost offers unlimited hosting resources, such as unlimited bandwidth, with its Plus and Business Pro plans. But there is a fair usage policy in place, called BlueHost Limit, which ensures that nobody misuses the privilege. You are allowed a MySql database of 3 GB, which is pretty high. Most websites require no more than 200 to 300 MB of database. The only way that you are going to exceed the limit of 3 GB for the database is if you have auto-blogging on your website or run auto-scripts. BlueHost also offers a very high CPU limit, way higher than what you would get with other web hosting providers.


User Friendly


BlueHost offers 1-click installation for WordPress. You can get your website up and running in no time at all. BlueHost has the world’s greatest control panel –cPanel. I am a big fan of cPanel because it is the simplest way to manage your hosting account. The cPanel dashboard is a pleasure to use. You don’t really need any great technical skills or expertise to get started with BlueHost, it is as easy as it gets and simplifies the whole process of starting your own website.


The BlueHost Web Hosting Review


Great Customer Support


I am impressed with BlueHost’s customer support. I found the BlueHost customer support staff to be polite, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. The response time was really low – just 5 minutes. TheThe BlueHost Web Hosting Review BlueHost technical support team takes 5 to 20 minutes to resolve any problem related to your hosting account.


Money Back Guarantee


BlueHost offers a 30-day money back guarantee with its plans and promises to refund your purchase in The BlueHost Web Hosting Reviewcase you are not satisfied with the service or with the uptime. So, basically you have nothing to lose by signing up with BlueHost web hosting.


Why Sign Up for BlueHost Web Hosting?


Sign up with BlueHost because they provide the very best WordPress web hosting. BlueHost is optimized to work with WordPress. Installing WordPress is a piece of cake on BlueHost. In fact, WordPress itself recommends BlueHost as its most preferred web hosting provider.

Other reasons to sign up with BlueHost are its highly affordable plans, which start at $3.95/month. I recommend that you sign up for the Plus plan which costs $5.45/month as it offers unlimited hosting resources and hosts multiple websites – which is what every internet marketer wants. You may sign up for BlueHost here.


The Bluehost Web Hosting Review



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