What is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

what is the best free keyword research tool

What is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool?


A keyword research tool helps determine the key words that people type into online search boxes. Software is needed to have more effective results on keyword research. Tools are an enhancement in the search engine marketing or content marketing field. Most traffic is generated through including words that a majority search for. These tools give information on popularity, rivalry, and expression disparities. They directly help to give visibility to businesses.



Examples of free keyword research tools are:

l Jaaxy

l WordStream Keyword Tool

l Wordtracker



Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools in the market. It is free and is highly rated by its users. It is a good starting point for SEO novices and is also preferred by experts. This tool is simple to use, accurate and generates valuable results.All the functionality on this tool is usable. The data is also current and is constantly updated.


what is the best free keyword research tool


Some tools are hard to learn and give inconsistent results on SEO. Jaaxy’s interface is user friendly and the ease of use puts it above competition. It gives results within five seconds. This tool allows for estimation of the number of searches per month, amount of traffic, amount of competition, the SEO persuasion and the quality of the keyword. It gives all the information required to make a decision on the right keyword to use.


It is great with the alphabet soup. It offers proposals when you start to type something from letters of the alphabet. The tool provides assistance with brainstorming by giving what others are searching for.


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WordStream allows you can get a bunch of key words at the same time. It gives about 10 keywords upfront. On subsequent days, you get one free word. Professional research is also free and can be sent to ones email.The database for this tool is built from Internet Service Providers, Browser Toolbars and Search Engines data. The information is bought from the defined category of U.S. companies and customised for use in this tool.


what is the best free keyword research tool


Statistics methods are applied to define the data. Use of weights and computation is also employed. The information is in English and mostly useful for searches in the United States. A few words can be found in other international languages. For languages other than English, check in the suggestion tool to see whether the words are covered.


The aggregate of the key words includes: ad words keywords, SEO words, Meta words, negative words, long-tail words, keyword phrases and keywords for websites. This is a depiction of more than a trillion search queries and millions of keywords from multiple sources. This tool is conveniently accessible online and does not require download or installation.




what is the best free keyword research tool


Wordtracker also helps to drive traffic to a website through the use SEO techniques. It helps to understand the market needs. It helps to discern, scrutinize, cluster and classify key words. The tool has software that associates several searches and does analysis in a user friendly manner. Its keyword analyser reduces on time spent and helps on automation of searches. The tool similarly helps to achieve cost-effective and relevant output.



Some tools only highlight the popular keywords and overstate the search volume. It is important to get traffic-directing key words that are beneficial. A number of keyword tools source data from vague and rarely used roots. The data provided also include inaccuracies.


After keyword research, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) tools, SEO tools and other strategies are needed for continuing keyword detection and evaluation. PPC solutions help to manage ad-word initiatives for optimal return on investment. They increase on the score, reach, customers’ information and reduce on money wasted.


You need a tool with more results per search. Keyword tools help optimise on the use of keywords to rank top amongst competition. They operate in a similar manner and what differs is the information in their database, the ease of use, accuracy and the components included.


what is the best free keyword research tool


Jaaxy is comparably better and ranks top amongst keyword research tools. It is highly recommended by many users for its effectiveness.


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8 thoughts on “What is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Zachary, when you start Jaaxy as a free member, you start with 30 search credits, but if you want to add more search credits to your account for free, I will recommend you to watch this short video that will explain,how you can do it, and also earn some money with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wremdIXSDUk
      Jaaxy it´s my #1 recommendation to everyone who wants to find the most valuable keywords sets for sucess.Hope that helped you.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Try it now, its free https://howtostartmakingmoneyfromhome.com/jaaxy

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Debra,As a free member of Jaaxy, you can either get unlimited credits within the system by signing-up as a member ($19/mth), or you can earn more credits by letting other people know about the free access to Jaaxy. It really is an easy sell, because well, you are not selling anything. You are giving away free access to the top keyword, market,and niche research tool online!
      How it Works
      Ever person that joins Jaaxy is an affiliate, meaning you can promote Jaaxy through your affiliate links (find them at Affiliate Program => Affiliate Resources). For every person you refer to Jaaxy that signs up for free, you will earn an additional 10 search credits. This can add up very quickly. Some members that share Jaaxy frequently are using the tool full time for free because of their referrals.
      Get 10 sign-ups = 100 search credits
      Get 100 sign-ups = 1,000 search credits
      Get 1,000 sign-ups = 10,000 search credits!
      – See more at: http://www.jaaxy.com/blog/category/jaaxy-affiliate-program/#sthash.zmlhvoEe.dpuf
      Try it now, its free. https://howtostartmakingmoneyfromhome.com/jaaxy
      Thanks for your comment, and I hope that helped you.
      Have a nice day.

  1. Mark

    I really like the layout of your site and the post as well. I like how you explained each one not going into excessive detail but giving the reader the information they came here to find. good job!


  2. Demi

    Very informative article. Its highly pleasing to know all the free keyword search tools out there. I was not aware of Jaxxy affiliate program. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Demi, indeed its true, you can use Jaaxy for free, and at the same time earn money with, by promoting it.
      I really appreciate your comment.
      Have a nice day.


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